Custom DNA Oligos


Base Pricing
25 nmole(15-60 Bases) 530 / Base
100 nmole(10-90 Bases) 830 / Base
250 nmole(5-100 Bases) 1,400 / Base
1 mole(5-100 Bases) 2,400 / Base
5 mole(5-100 Bases) 11,000 / Base
10 mole(5-100 Bases) 19,000 / Base


差 (listed for unmodified oligos 20-50 bases in length):
ռ ɱ
25 nmole 15-60 Bases 3 ODs
100 nmole 10-90 Bases 6 ODs
250 nmole 5-100 Bases 15 ODs
1 mole 5-100 Bases 45 ODs
5 mole 5-100 Bases 225 ODs
10 mole 5-100 Bases 450 ODs
Standard DNA ռ ¾ ϴ.
ռ 2~4 ҿǸ 5 umole ̻ 1 ҿ ˴ϴ.
Large-scale ռ (up to 2 grams) մϴ. ٶϴ.
Cloning̳ sequencing 뵵 ø õմϴ.
ø(200mer) ռ Ultramer Ͻñ ٶϴ.
ٷο ռ ռ ̵ level II setup (100,000~270,000) ߰ ֽϴ. 
* 差 ֽϴ.

ø ռ ߰

LabReady Service Fee
LabReady Fee
RxnReady Mixing Service Fee
25 nm, 100 nm and 250 nm Mixed Oligos
Normalized Tube Fee
25 nm, 100 nm, 250 nm and 1 um DNA Oligos
5 um DNA Oligo
10 um DNA Oligo
 Machine Mix Base  
 Hand Mix Base  200,000 /

DNA Oligonucleotide Resuspension and Storage

IDT recommends resuspension in TE buffer rather than water. Oligonucleotides resuspended in water will have less stability and will have to be shipped on dry ice, which is more costly than standard shipping. Stability studies at IDT have shown that oligonucleotides stored in water at room temperature may show some degradation in as little as 60 days. The same studies showed that oligonucleotides stored dry or in TE at room temperature did not show signs of degradation for at least 7 months.

Starting Scale and Yield

IDT uses a starting scale, referred to as just scale, for the amount of initiating nucleotide used to begin oligo synthesis. However, processing steps such as cleavage and deprotection of the oligonucleotide will reduce the final delivery amount (yield). The addition of modifications, purification and length combinations also all affect the final yield of each oligo, which will always be less than the starting scale. The minimum yield guarantee is given in the shopping cart and in the order confirmation email. To receive more final yield, select a larger synthesis scale.

Purification and Yield

Additional purification significantly improves oligonucleotide performance in demanding applications such as multiplex PCR, cloning, mutagenesis, and antisense/RNAi methods. However, purification will always lower oligonucleotide final yield. HPLC routinely provides 85% purity, while PAGE provides 90% purity. The final yield of a PAGE purified oligo, however, will be less than an HPLC purified oligo. For example, a 250 nmole scale 25mer oligo will yield 8X with standard desalt, but only 2X with HPLC purification and 1X with Page purification.

Tools for Oligonucleotide Analysis and Design

IDT provides a number of free oligonucleotide design and analysis tools in the online SciTools suite. The suite is comprised of tools for designing assay components as well as determining the properties of any sequence entered. Check out the SciTools Suite website at

IDT Guarantees Quality

IDT has pioneered the use of high throughput Quality Control methods and is the only oligonucleotide manufacturer that offers 100% QC and purity guarantees. Today, every oligo synthesized at IDT undergoes QC by mass spectrometry. IDT also offers CE and analytical HPLC as routine tools for additional QC on purified oligos. In addition to DNA, IDT has led the effort over the last decade to reduce the cost of high-quality custom RNA synthesis. Through improvements to the traditional tert-butyldimethylsilyl (tBDMS) chemistry and advances in instrumentation, IDT has achieved the highest coupling efficiency in the industry. Only at IDT are customers guaranteed the very best in quality synthesis with free mass spectrometry and CE traces on all purified oligos.
IDT oligo
IDT oligo
oligo dT primer
IDT oligomer
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